Our Programs & Services

TRANSFORMATIONS, offers healthcare practitioners programs that prevents diabetes, reverses pre-diabetes, weans people off lifestyle induced medication, addresses obesity with sustainable weight loss programs and a system to pinpoint the root cause of a patientís symptoms.

With over 1,000,000 people and hundreds of clinics using one or more of our offerings, we are the leader in the wellness industry in educating, empowering and implementing programs that get people well, and keep them disease free over time.

Here are some of the programs we train our healthcare practitioners on implementing in their practice:

GlucoGenesis for Diabetes Prevention & Control

Ultra Lite and U-Lite for Sustainable Weight Loss

“WeightlossforLife” System to Pinpoint Root Cause of Symptoms

  • Find out how easy it is to prevent diabetes and never have to worry about diabetes, even if a pre-diabetic.
  • Find out what are the 4 key components needed in a weight loss program for people to succeed over time.
  • Find out why most practitioners are not addressing the root cause of peopleís symptoms, and therefore do not have sustainable therapies.

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