Studies have shown that once people stop their diet, 96% regain their lost weight within 12 months of getting off their diet. The problem is that most weight loss programs and diets do not address the maintenance issues, crucial in helping people not put the lost weight back again.

This is the purpose of the “Weightlossforlife” program. During Ultra Lite, people ensure their weight loss is fat loss, while eating normal foods so they learn the good, the bad and ugly about food, and not go back to bad food habits once they get to their ideal weight.

However, to maintain their ideal weight status they also need to pinpoint any food allergy/sensitivities they may have and their bio-chemical deficiencies across 14 conditions. Anyone of these conditions can stop people from succeeding with weight loss over time, and in fact the biochemical deficiencies (body’s weak links) can over time, become chronic and diseased.

Consequently, during the “WeightlossforLife” Maintenance phase, you will learn what foods if any you should avoid due to allergic reactions or sensitivities that could compromise your level of well-being, and your ability to keep your weight off.  These foods can secretly sabotage your ability to achieve optimal health, create chronic symptom patterns by themselves, and cause you to gain weight in a persistent, hidden fashion.  This step is critical to your long-term success. We will also show you how to eat much larger amounts of foods without gaining weight.  In fact you may even lose more weight during this time. 

You will also learn on how to eat everything to successfully maintain your “Weight Loss for Life”.  Learning how to return to your preferred weight range every week, is also an important feature of this step. Accomplishing this will provide you with a lifetime of reduced risk of many diseases and possibly even more importantly, provide you with a greater quality of life, each day of your many remaining years.

In this manner we are sure you will also become an inspiration to many others, contributing to the health of your friends and family and being a leader by example of “how high levels of health can be achieved and maintained”. 

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