With special expertise in Diabetes prevention, Pre-diabetes reversal, weaning people off lifestyle induced medication, addressing obesity with sustainable weight loss programs, and a process to pinpoint the root cause of symptoms.

With over 1,000,000 people and hundreds of clinics using one or more of our offerings, we are the leader in the wellness industry in educating, empowering and implementing programs that get people well, and keep them disease free over time.

Join TRANSFORMATIONS PARTNERSHIP FOR WELLNESS and help us, move America onto a paradigm of prevention and wellness.

Hundreds of Integrative and nutritionally oriented clinics around America are doing this everyday using TRANSFORMATIONS proprietary technology. Gyms and fitness centers have been addressing one aspect of this paradigm (exercise), and now are adding the nutrition and diet piece using TRANSFORMATIONS award winning programs in conjunction with TRANSFORMATIONS practitioners.

Corporations are realizing the value of promoting wellness in the workplace to mitigate escalating healthcare and insurance costs, and are working with TRANSFORMATIONS certified practitioners and fitness centers to get employees educated and empowered on how to get well and disease free.

Read how people, companies and practitioners are working together in harmony, and in a partnership to change Americas addiction to unhealthy lifestyles, and misplaced priorities. Our mission is to touch 1,000,000 people in the next two years, and request your help and support in making this possible.

Failure to move America onto this paradigm is not an option; it is not just a financial issue of our healthcare system collapsing, but with projections by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that half the population born today will be diabetic in their lifetime, we will have a country that will not function by the year 2035.

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