Transformations & The Partnership For Wellness

Bringing people, gyms and corporations together to change
lives and empower people on how to stay well.

Real life examples of how the power of
healing and health, transform people and organizations.

Transforming One Corporation at a Time

TRANSFORMATIONS, approaches the HR Director of a software company to schedule a free no obligation presentation on "How to Prevent Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer via Safe Weight Loss". Forty employees attend the lunchtime presentation presented by one of our specially trained healthcare practitioners; approximately 25% sign-up for the Ultra Lite program which is delivered onsite over a 5-week period. This group safely loses over 100 lbs and over 85 inches and proceeds onto a maintenance protocol that empowers them to keep the weight off and transform their lifestyles. Many of their chronic symptom patterns are eliminated, or greatly reduced; this is a self-funded company which immediately realizes the benefits of the TRANSFORMATIONS partnership seeing reduced healthcare claims immediately reflected to the bottom line.

The natural process of employee referrals takes place and a second group gets underway. In addition, the East Coast location for this international company requests the same program be delivered to their site. Transformations arranges for two of its licensed East Coast healthcare practitioners to continue this pragmatic partnership between the corporation and TRANSFORMATIONS.
Community Outreach that Makes a Difference

Traci, a salon owner that is passionately committed to health, nutrition, and prevention, is seeking a way to reach out to her community to have an impact on the quality of life of everyday citizens, young and old. She contacts TRANSFORMATIONS to see if there is some way she can be trained to speak to groups, large and small, and help change lives. We partner her with one of our nearby practitioners so that she can work as a matchmaker introducing her customers, church members, and business network associates to a realistic weight loss and wellness program that she knows works for a lifetime.

One Hundred Patients in Her First 100 Days in Practice -
The Profitability & Practice Building Impact of Effective Weight Loss

Misty, a new Certified Natural Health Professional starts her practice in December, 2005 and decides to build her new practice by attracting weight loss patients, and approaches a local fitness center for women to offer TRANSFORMATIONS' award winning program. These women had joined the gym to lose weight but are unable to exercise effectively because they, like so many Americans, are carrying significant excess body fat and suffering from a poorly functioning metabolism. Misty used the programs provided to her by TRANSFORMATIONS to help gym members safely lose 12-20 pounds of excess fat in 5 weeks, while preserving lean muscle mass; most importantly, she uses the TRANSFORMATIONS' maintenance program to empower them to keep the weight off.

The fitness center owner quickly recognizes the benefits of this true partnership with the TRANSFORMATIONS' practitioner that delivers not only energized gym members with their lean muscle mass intact so that they are now ready to take full advantage of the gym's complementary fitness services, but also provides innovative ways to attract new members to the fitness center using TRANSFORMATIONS' advertising materials. This has provided a crucial competitive advantage for the gym owner for attracting new members, as well as the financial rewards of more active members and a greatly reduced member retention problem.

The practitioner's other patients have come from community activities, and turnkey advertising materials provided to her by TRANSFORMATIONS. In addition to all the weight loss acquisition materials, a scientific system to get patient referrals has been used to ensure steady referrals from successful weight loss patients.

Within the first 100 days of opening her practice, the practitioner has achieved the remarkable milestone of serving 100 patients with one of the greatest gift of health, safe weight loss for life. The profitability of this most effective weight loss program continues to be extraordinary. This is for a practitioner who prior to partnering with TRANSFORMATIONS had no idea on how she was going to build her practice.

The partnership between the practitioner, TRANSFORMATIONS, and the gym is an example of a win-win-win relationship that can make sound business sense for both new and veteran practitioners.
The Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge

A very successful fitness center with multiple locations in a very competitive market realizes that to attract a steady stream of new members, retain existing members, and increase the utilization levels of their personal training staff, they need to add weight loss to their integrated value proposition. They require that the weight loss program is uniquely effective enough to be a profit center in its own right, as well as a catalyst to achieving greater fitness-related profits.

Enter TRANSFORMATIONS with an innovative proposal to deliver weekly Weight Loss for Life seminars presented by multiple TRANSFORMATIONS practitioners across all of the fitness center locations, and to seamlessly integrate its weight loss and maintenance programs with the specific fitness programs offered by the personal training staff.

On a smaller, but just as effective scale, a nutritionally oriented Doctor of Chiropractic is matched by TRANSFORMATIONS with a local specialized personal training facility.
They and their mutual client base benefit from the integrated weight loss/fitness offering negotiated by TRANSFORMATIONS.

In another setting, an inventive partnership is struck to deliver a "reality-show" Biggest Loser 90 Day Challenge that joins effective weight loss and fitness in a team competition scenario that produces personal success, as well as media coverage highlighting the inventiveness of the fitness center manager, and the clinical nutritionist trained by TRANSFORMATIONS.
Good News Travels Fast

An employee of an international high tech company becomes a very satisfied weight loss client of a Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has been utilizing TRANSFORMATIONS' award winning weight loss program. She becomes a walking billboard for the TRANSFROMATIONS practitioner, and with such a strong advocate inside this major company, TRANSFORMATIONS executives contact the HR manager to arrange for the practitioner to deliver the presentation "How to Prevent Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer via Safe Weight Loss" to a lunchtime audience. The response to the presentation is very strong to the presentation and the audience learns that the program can be tailored to their individual needs. As a result, the practitioner is asked to bring her clinical services onsite, and weekly to make it convenient and practical for these hard-working employees to address their weight issues that are negatively impacting their personal lives, their productivity and the profitability of the corporation.

The Wellness Fair That Actually Changes Lives

A major manufacturing company is looking for a different kind of health fair. They want more than just more education that will be set aside with the next wave of information. They are seeking an event that will actually change people's lives and stem the tide of out-of-control healthcare costs that are burdening the company. TRANSFORMATIONS brings them a focused turnkey wellness fair that engages employees via personal health assessments prior to the event, so that at the fair TRANSFORMATIONS practitioners can spend one-on-one time with the interested employees, answering particular questions that arise from completing the personal health questionnaire.

The individual assessment that is made available to the participants by TRANSFORMATIONS provides each employees with a personal insight into the impact of their eating habits, and how they could be inducing many of their chronic symptom patterns, that over time can lead to one or more of today's prevalent diseases. Each individual comes to understand the power of rebalancing their metabolism, reducing excess body fat, protecting lean muscle mass, the need for changing eating habits and supporting their body's weak links. For those interested, individualized programs can be offered tailored to their specific needs and health conditions.

The Art of the Partnership

These carefully customized partnerships are real, and growing everyday demonstrating the commitment of TRANSFORMATIONS to the Art of the Partnership as it transforms America one healthier life at a time.


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